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      Emtone Cellulite Treatment in Ocala, FL

      Emtone Cellulite Treatment

      Sun damage, skin laxity and body fat – together with loss of integrity and thickness of the skin – all contribute to the development of cellulite. As many as 90 percent of women say they have cellulite, but eradicating cellulite has never been a simple process – until now!

      A completely non-invasive, breakthrough treatment for cellulite, EMTONE can be the gamechanger that makes you want to show off the skin you’re in! It is a non-invasive cellulite reduction treatment that uses mechanical and thermal energy to diminish the unsightly appearance of cellulite. The innovative EMTONE device delivers intense heat deep into the tissues to target the underlying fatty deposits, tightening the skin and creating a firmer, toned--not textured--appearance. With no downtime and no pain, you’ll begin to see improvements after one session that will continue for months afterwards.

      Don’t hide your skin – see it restored to its healthy, natural condition before your very eyes! Contact Mid-Florida Age Management to discuss the transformative effect of EMTONE. Schedule a consultation today with us by contacting us online or calling us at (352) 254-5954.

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      What is EMTONE?

      BTL EMTONE™ is the first and only device that simultaneously delivers both thermal and mechanical energy to treat all major contributing factors to cellulite. This groundbreaking technology provides a completely non-invasive option – revolutionizing conventional treatment approaches to cellulite.

      Because EMTONE simultaneously emits both radiofrequency and targeted pressure energy, there is a synergistic effect that neither technology can accomplish alone. It has been demonstrated that simultaneous emission offers a significantly higher impact on connective tissue than even consecutive application of both energies.

      Safe for all skin types, EMTONE is the only available non-invasive procedure that simultaneously addresses all of the causal or contributing factors in the development of cellulite.

      What Conditions Does EMTONE Treat?

      EMTONE targets cellulite. The development of cellulite is a part of the natural process many people experience as they grow older, but the impact it can have on self-confidence can be detrimental. With EMTONE, you can watch dimpled, unsightly areas to become toned and smooth instead of dimpled or textured.

      The Benefits of EMTONE

      Studies show that EMTONE is 64 percent more effective than standalone treatments for building elastin, 59 percent more effective than standalone treatments for building collagen, 50 percent faster than standalone therapies, with 90 percent patient satisfaction.

      Other benefits include:

      • Smoother, tighter, toned skin
      • Trusted technology from Body-by-BTL Non-invasive procedure
      • Quick 20 to 30 minute pain-free session you can squeeze into your lunch hour
      • No recovery time or downtime
      • Clinically tested for safety and efficacy

      What to Expect During Your EMTONE Procedure?

      You will receive a complete consultation prior to treatment, and you should ask any questions you might have. Your EMTONE session is safe, and you should experience no discomfort during your procedure. We will take a medical history – including other options you have tried to treat areas of cellulite on your body. If we have any cause for concern, we may require testing and further diagnosis and treatment.

      The EMTONE procedure itself is easy, quick and pain free and comfortable. There is no pre- or post-preparation required. You will lie on your back during your session. The treatment itself is painless and is akin to a warm, deep tissue massage – or some liken it to a hot stone massage with intense pulses. Each session typically lasts around 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the area being treated for cellulite. Emtone requires no downtime, allowing you to resume your daily activities immediately after the session.

      For optimal results with EMTONE, most patients require three to five treatment sessions, conducted once a week. Improvements in appearance begin after your first session and every session thereafter – and continue for months afterwards!

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      Schedule Your Consultation Today!

      Let our friendly and welcoming front office staff schedule a consultation for you. Our registered nurses are experienced in Age Management Medicine, as well as in providing the new BTL services. We have a full line of BTL devices, not just one or two, and our staff is trained in their use - including EMTONE, Exion, Emsella, Emtone, Emface and Emsculpt Neo. We also have a licensed aesthetician on staff. All procedures and treatments are done under Dr. Turner’s review and direction.

      Please call (352) 254-5954 to schedule your consultation with Mid-Florida Age Management in Ocala, FL, and say hello again to the face you’ve always loved!

      About Dr. Turner

      Our lead practitioner, Dr. Turner, is the only practitioner in the area who is Board Certified and Advanced Fellowship Trained by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. He is also a member of the Age Management Medicine Group and the Florida Medical Association. He has been serving the Ocala community in this location for 15 years, practicing Age Management Medicine for more than 20 years, and has 40+ years of medical practice experience.

      About Mid-Florida Age Management

      At Mid-Florida Age Management, we emphasize the individualized care approach aimed at improving health, wellness, and well-being. Mid-Florida Age Management has an established reputation as a medical practice specializing in Age Management Medicine. We are not merely a clinic that offers aesthetic treatments; rather, the addition of various aesthetic devices over the past year are extensions and expansions upon the age management medical practice we have been conducting all along - all designed to offer our patients the services and options they desire under the medical supervision they have come to trust. We strive to provide quality treatments at equitable prices and to provide multiple financing options.


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