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      A decrease in sex drive is a condition that is unique in the fact that there is no definitive way to monitor it. Doctors have no gauge for what a "normal" sex drive should be, so it is defined differently with each and every patient whether they're a man or a woman.

      Only you can define what your natural desire for sexual relations should be, and as a result, only you can decide when it's time to seek the help of a qualified professional.

      If you've noticed a decrease in your libido, it could be due to a number of factors. The solution may be simple, as in the case where the culprit is a side effect from a medication you were prescribed. It could be the result of the physical and mental anguish that comes with dealing with an unrelated chronic pain, or it may be hormonal. We'll explore some of the causes for low libido in further detail below.


      Low Libido Doctor Ocala FL

      It may be difficult for a woman to determine what is causing her loss of libido because it is difficult to monitor when a loss actually occurs. Simply not wanting sex as often as your partner doesn't necessarily mean you're sex drive is lacking, although if your desire is less than you think it should be, it may be time to contact someone for help.

      Whether the cause is physical, psychological, or hormonal, our team can develop a treatment plan that restores your vigor to a level that meets your expectations.

      Some physical and psychological causes for a diminished libido include:

      • Pain during sex
      • A preexisting condition such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, or high blood pressure
      • Side effects of medication
      • Fatigue
      • Anxiety
      • Depression
      • Stress
      • Issues with your self-esteem

      A diminished sex drive can also be caused by a drop in hormone levels. This can be due to natural phases of life such as menopause or breastfeeding, or an unexpected hormonal imbalance. In the case of an imbalance, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) may be considered as a treatment option.


      Some people think that men should have no problem with their sex drive, and because of this, many men suffering from a diminished libido may keep the problem to themselves. The reality is that many men are suffering from the condition but may be too embarrassed to ask for help. The first step in treatment is to admit there is a problem. While there is no standard measurement for a healthy male sex drive, you have the power to determine when it isn't what you think it should be.

      There are a number of treatable factors that can lower your sex drive. Some of these include:

      • Side effects from medications such as antidepressants or drugs for high blood pressure
      • Poor sleep habits
      • Stress
      • Erectile dysfunction
      • Fatigue
      • Drug or alcohol abuse
      • Low testosterone


      Low Libido Treatment Ocala FL

      If you feel that you may be suffering from a loss of sex drive, we recommend that you keep a log of your experiences as well as any questions you may have. This information is vital in helping us determine a unique path to helping you improve your condition.

      Our treatment plans may be a combination of lifestyle coaching, medical examinations and hormone therapy (BHRT).

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